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Lighthouses of the world - Australia

Four wonderful lighthouses from Australia - including the well known light of Byron Bay and Lighthouse Hornby in Sydney. Each one of these four models is a little jewel by itself and offers a lot of fun when building them.

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Benjamin Fentens
Skill Level: medium
Parts: 508 (including optional parts: 323)
Length: 190 mm (7.48 inch)
Width: 150 mm (5.91 inch)
Height: 110 mm (4.33 inch)
Instruction: German, English, French, Spanish, Illustrations
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 8
Item no.: 3479
Edition: 1st Edition 2017

The model highlights:

  • including four lighthouses
  • one of three different versions of lighthouse Byron Bay possible
  • including four cars
  • all models come on a base
  • windows can be cut out and glued behind
  • including lense of Byron Bay lighthouse
  • copy template for glazing the lights included.
  • comes with signs for every lighthouse including Name, place, and position

    Cape Byron Lighthouse
    Year of construction: 1901
    Height: 23 m

    The Lighthouse at Cape Byron was built in 1900.Even today the originally installed Fresnel lens is still in use. It has a diameter of about 2 meters, weighs about 8 tons and contains 760 prismatic ground glasses. The lighting system has been electrified since 1959. With a total light intensity of 2,200,000 cd, the lighthouse is the brightest of Australia.

    Additionally Cape Byron Lighthouse is a very popular tourist attraction. More than 500,000 visitors come to the most easterly lighthouse on Australia's mainland each year.

    Tacking Point Lighthouse
    Year of construction: 1879
    Height: 8 m

    The Lighthouse at Tacking Point is one of 5 lighthouses in the same design. After commissioning in 1879 the lighthouse was automated in 1919. An electric lighting system is in use since 1974.

    Hornby Lighthouse
    Year of construction: 1858
    Height: 9 m

    The Hornby Lighthouse was built in 1858 at the southern end of the entrance to Port Jackson, the natural harbor of Sydney, after two heavy shipwrecks had revealed the need for a lighthouse the previous year. After its completion in 1858 the lighthouse was the third oldest in New South Wales. The lighting system has been automated and electrical since 1933.

    Green Cape Lighthouse
    Year of construction: 1883
    Decommissioned: 1992
    Height: 29 m

    Built in 1883, the lighthouse at Green Cape is the first lighthouse built of cast concrete in Australia. In 1962 the lighting system was electrified and supplied by generators. Since 1992, the lighthouse has been out of operation and replaced by a new solar tower.

    HMV Lasercut Sets are especially designed for a particular HMV model as an additional but optional detail set. The laser cut parts replace parts of the original kit with more filigree and already cut out versions. Sometimes additional parts are included as well. Building your model with a Lasercut Set is easier and more detailed at the same time. But the Lasercut Set is not necessarily needed to build the model.

    The material we use is high quality and already coloured paper. Thus it is not necessary to paint the laser cut parts. We recommend though to colour white parts before using them, as during the laser process burn marks might occur.

    Lasercut Set
    Item no.: 4479

    • parts for handrails
    • fences and stair railings
    • binnoculars for tourists
    • weather vanes
    • supports
    • fine platforms with mesh
    • templates for windows
    • signal post

    Ask your local model retailer about HMV models! And of course you can always order all available HMV models at our own online shop fentens papermodels.

    HMV models are available all over the world. The list below shows some of the most important sources.