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Armored Steamer SMS Wespe and SMS Natter

Armored steamer S.M.S. Wespe and her sister armored steamer S.M.S. Natter as waterline models in one model kit. Two more dhingies are included in the kit, too. This papermodel is suited well for a little diorama.

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Markus Wiekowski
Skill Level: difficult
Parts: 1116
Length: 180 mm (7.09 inch)
Instruction: German, English, Illustrations
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 8
Item no.: 3044
Edition: 2nd Edition 2015

The model highlights:

  • 2 models included
  • including 8 dinghies with thwarts
  • including 2 steamed barges
  • highly detailed superstructure

The two armored steamers Wespe and Natter captivate not only because of their open gun turrets. And all the little details are simply fun to build. The fore castle deck is planked in star form and fits very well into the somewhat extravagant appearance of these ships.

The kit includes both models - you can build both Natter and Wespe out of it. These two ships are very similar and differ only in a few details like for example the markings on the funnels. Additionally there are two dhingies in the kit which can be build as waterline models. Together with the exhausts which can be pulled in on the foredeck this kit is perfect for building a little diorama.

Technical data:

  • Launching: 1876 and 1880 in Bremen at AG Weser
  • Commissioning: 1876 - 1881
  • Displacement: 1098 t
  • Length: 46,4 m
  • Width: 10,6 m
  • Draught: 3,2 - 3,4 m
  • Engine: 4 clyinder boiler, 2 slanted 2 cylinder Dual expansion engines, 700-800 Psi
  • Top speed: 9-11,2 kn
  • Range: 450 nautical miles at 10 kn, 700 nautical miles at 7kn
  • armament: 1 ring cannon 30,5 cm L/22, 2 ring cannon 8,7 cm L/24, 2 3,7-cm-revolver cannon, torpedo tubes 35 cm (after 1883)

The armored steamers of the Wepse class were launched on July 6th, 1876 (Wespe) and September 29th, 1880 (Natter) in Bremen, Germany. With only a basic armament they were part of the squadron that secured the German coasts. With their flat hulls they were able to fall dry at falling tides and could be used as a kind of floating gun emplacements. Because they were very good at bad sea in bad weather conditions they were usually deployed in harbors.

HMV Lasercut Sets are especially designed for a particular HMV model as an additional but optional detail set. The laser cut parts replace parts of the original kit with more filigree and already cut out versions. Sometimes additional parts are included as well. Building your model with a Lasercut Set is easier and more detailed at the same time. But the Lasercut Set is not necessarily needed to build the model.

The material we use is high quality and already coloured paper. Thus it is not necessary to paint the laser cut parts. We recommend though to colour white parts before using them, as during the laser process burn marks might occur.

Lasercut Set
Item no.: 4044

  • golden bow and stern decoration
  • filigree anchor chain
  • steering sheels
  • fine mesh
  • separate oars
  • stairways
  • davits
  • and a lot more
Model built by Horst Lücke
Modell gebaut von Markus Wiekowski
Modell gebaut von Guido Stöcker

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