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Shipyard - 40 t Tower Crane

This shipyard crane with the facade of the iron foundry as background is ideal for the design of an equipment quay or of course for use in a shipyard diorama. The crane is designed to be rotatable and has many impressive details. The building impresses with its sophisticated graphics.

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Benjamin Fentens, Peter Brandt
Skill Level: medium
Parts: 237
Length: 282 mm (11.10 inch)
Width: 121 mm (4.76 inch)
Height: 145 mm (5.71 inch)
Instruction: German, English, French, Spanish, Illustrations
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 6
Item no.: 3481
Edition: 1st Edition 2021
EAN: 4250478134813

The model highlights:

  • Detailed and rotating crane
  • Facade with double on parts
  • Windows partially offset inwards
  • Quay segment in modular construction

This model of our shipyard contains a typical 40 t tower crane, as it was used in shipyards at that time. The building on the pier is modeled on the iron foundry at the Blohm & Voss shipyard, which was located directly next to machine hall 1. The roof and the upper glass wall stand on a steel structure and only the outer walls are built in the brick style typical of the Hamburg harbor. The generous windows were necessary at the time to enable usable lighting in the hall. Artificial light was expensive and not particularly efficient.

Technical data:

    This element of the shipyard is typically located in the area of ​​the equipment quay. In the original, this building was located opposite today's fish auction hall in Hamburg. In front of this equipment quay there were floating docks connected by a bridge and pontoons.

    The crane was designed after the book "Winden und Krane" from R. Hänchen, published 1932. This crane from MAN had a lifting capacity of 40 t with a 12.5 m radius and 12 t with a 30 m radius. Cranes of this type were often used in shipyards.

    With the help of such cranes, the equipment installed in the adjacent workshops was hoisted on board. These included motors, winches, cranes, boilers, etc., which were built in the machine factory (in the original to the left of the foundry) and some of the individual parts of which come from the foundry in this set.

    Half-finished ships that have just come from the slipway, but also ships that are about to be completed or are simply in the shipyard for repairs, can be at the equipment quay.

    HMV Lasercut Sets are especially designed for a particular HMV model as an additional but optional detail set. The laser cut parts replace parts of the original kit with more filigree and already cut out versions. Sometimes additional parts are included as well. Building your model with a Lasercut Set is easier and more detailed at the same time. But the Lasercut Set is not necessarily needed to build the model.

    The material we use is high quality and already coloured paper. Thus it is not necessary to paint the laser cut parts. We recommend though to colour white parts before using them, as during the laser process burn marks might occur.

    Lasercut Set
    Item no.: 4481
    Parts: 73

    • parts for the cranes
    • ladders
    • frames for windows for glazing the building
    • stairs

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