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Port Facility - Dockside Cranes 1

This model kit includes eight cranes - four on portals and four on half-portals. This tpye of crane is typical for the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. But even after the second world war these cranes were often still used in Hamburg's harbour.

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Peter Brandt
Skill Level: medium
Parts: 728
Height: 95 mm (3.74 inch)
Instruction: German, English, Illustrations
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 4
Item no.: 3467
Edition: 1st Edition 2012

The model highlights:

  • Four cranes on portals and four on half-portals are included
  • detailed graphics with rivets and bolts
  • filigree crane arms with hooks and pulleys
  • operator's cabin in two different colour versions

Technical data:

    HMV Lasercut Sets are especially designed for a particular HMV model as an additional but optional detail set. The laser cut parts replace parts of the original kit with more filigree and already cut out versions. Sometimes additional parts are included as well. Building your model with a Lasercut Set is easier and more detailed at the same time. But the Lasercut Set is not necessarily needed to build the model.

    The material we use is high quality and already coloured paper. Thus it is not necessary to paint the laser cut parts. We recommend though to colour white parts before using them, as during the laser process burn marks might occur.

    Lasercut Set
    Item no.: 4467
    Parts: 476

    • crane arm
    • various grid parts
    • cross beams
    • parts with rivets and bolts
    • pulleys
    • ladders
    • operator's cab with cut out window frames
    • hooks

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