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MV Steve Irwin Sea Shepherd

Steve Irwin in our collectors scale 1/250. You can build this outstanding model with full hull or as a waterline model. Instead of the camo-version you can also build it in black with yellow markings as we all know her from TV.

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Benjamin Fentens
Skill Level: difficult
Parts: 155 (including optional parts: 687)
Length: 260 mm (10.24 inch)
Width: 55 mm (2.17 inch)
Height: 80 mm (3.15 inch)
Instruction: German, English, Illustrations
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 6
Item no.: 3333
Edition: 1st Edition 2014

The model highlights:

  • Original color scheme from 2013
  • Alternative version: Black with yellow marking
  • with full hull
  • With display stand
  • Capston with details
  • Filigree crane
  • Detailed speed boats
  • Free-standing heli deck

The model offers different levels of detail for different modelling skills and even if you decide to build the easy version you can later add many of the additional details.

If you decide to build the model with all options, you'll get a very detailed model with a lot of little extras. Definitely worth mentioning are the detailed crane and the speedboats.

Instead of the 2013 version on the title you can also build the black version with yellow markings from 2010. The underwater hull is also included but will colorwise only fit for the 2013 version

The book is in Din A4 and has 6 sheets with model parts and comprehensive instructions. The easy version is made of 155 parts and it takes a weekend to build. If you decide to build all available details you’ll have to cut out 687 parts to build for example the two cranes, speed boats, the water cannon, and a lot more details.

To build this model you need a pair of scissors or a hobby knife, a ruler (steel if possible) and some glue for paper.

A big part of the earnings of this model kit goes directly to Sea Shepherd to support their campaigns to save the oceans and marine life.

Technical data:

  • Shipyard: Hall, Russell & Company, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Commissioning: 1975 as FPV Westra
  • Length: 59.43 m / 194 ft
  • Width: 10.97 m / 35 ft
  • Draught: 4.26 m / 13 ft
  • Displacement: 1017 BRZ
  • Engine: diesel engine 3,200 kW
  • Speed: 16.5 kn
  • Crew: 43 seamen

On December 5, 2007 just before the 2007-2008 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign: Operation Migaloo began to defend the whales of the Southern Oceans, the Sea Shepherd vessel M/Y Robert Hunter was officially re-named the Steve Irwin in honor of the late Australian conservationist. The name change was announced at a press conference by Irwin‘s widow Terri Irwin and Captain Paul Watson at the Melbourne Docklands just prior to the ship‘s departure to the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd is proud to partner with Terri Irwin for this name change as she and Steve have been world renowned for their conservation work. At the press conference, Terri stated that Steve would have been extremely honored to be acknowledged in this way as he shared Sea Shepherd‘s passion for saving whales. „Whales have always been in Steve‘s heart and in 2006 he was investigating the possibility of joining the Sea Shepherd on part of its journey to defend these beautiful animals,“ Terri said.

The objective of Sea Shepherd‘s Antarctic whale campaigns is to intervene against illegal whaling actions by the Japanese whaling fleet. The 2007-2008 Operation Migaloo campaign was very successful and the whalers only got about half their quota, due to the Steve Irwin‘s intervention.

„Steve Irwin‘s life demonstrated how one person can make a significant difference in the world,“ said Watson. „Steve wanted to come to Antarctica with us to defend the whales and now he is able to join us in spirit with his name emblazoned on the fastest and most powerful whale protection ship in the world.“

The ship, formerly known as the M/Y Robert Hunter was originally named after Canadian Robert Hunter, who along with President and Founder of Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson was a co-founder of the Greenpeace Foundation. Bob Hunter passed away in May 2005, and at his funeral, Captain Watson pledged to name an ocean conversation ship in his honor. That dream came to pass with the purchase of the M/Y Robert Hunter, a 53-meter, former Scottish Fisheries Protection Service vessel.

Carrying on her father‘s activist genes, Robert Hunter‘s daughter Emily Hunter joined the ship‘s crew for Operation Leviathan; Sea Shepherd‘s 2006-7 campaign to stop the Japanese whaling fleets‘ illegal slaughter of over a thousand whales in Antarctica. The Robert Hunter has the long-range capability and fast speed needed to locate and keep up with the whalers. The new ship joined the Society‘s flagship Farley Mowat in the Ross Sea of Antarctica with over 60 international volunteer crewmembers, a helicopter, and numerous smaller vessels.

„Bob and I were in the very first inflatable that blocked the harpoons of the whalers in 1975,“ said Captain Watson. „He was my shipmate from 1971 onward with Greenpeace and later joined me on many Sea Shepherd campaigns. With this ship, he was by my side once again in spirit continuing to defend whales. The Operation Leviathan campaign succeeded in stopping the Japanese whaling fleet from getting their self-appointed quota of whales.

HMV Lasercut Sets are especially designed for a particular HMV model as an additional but optional detail set. The laser cut parts replace parts of the original kit with more filigree and already cut out versions. Sometimes additional parts are included as well. Building your model with a Lasercut Set is easier and more detailed at the same time. But the Lasercut Set is not necessarily needed to build the model.

The material we use is high quality and already coloured paper. Thus it is not necessary to paint the laser cut parts. We recommend though to colour white parts before using them, as during the laser process burn marks might occur.

Lasercut Set
Item no.: 4333
Parts: 365

  • Anchor & anchor chains
  • parts for rubberboat
  • Stairways and ladders
  • parts for speed boats
  • ship propeller
  • life belts
  • parts for capstan
  • parts for masts
  • bulwark stays

Ask your local model retailer about HMV models! And of course you can always order all available HMV models at our own online shop fentens papermodels.

HMV models are available all over the world. The list below shows some of the most important sources.